Saturday, August 7, 2010

Greatest Movies of the Summer...

This summer while I was stuck in the house I've been looking at a lot of movies..but these are the best movies ever!!!!! I can't stop watching them....

staring: Josh Hartnett && Shannyn Sossamon 
If you haven't seen it buy the movie its worth it. But if you don't like the movie give it to me I'll make sure ill take good care of it lol. =)
This movie right here is the truth!!!! I still haven't seen it from the beginning lol
I didn't finish watching this, because when i was; i was busy so [tear}

&& this movie kept me with wanting more...
I can't wait till breaking down comes out!!!!

If you go check out these movies or already seen them let me know what you thought of them..

Thankx muchii,



  1. I love 500 days of geez. You have a fabulous music collection.



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