Friday, August 6, 2010


This has been a stressful week. I'm dealing with senior pictures, back to school, the bestie coming over  for two days, my hair just got done, but i kinda don't like it, sister b-day, 
G-A-S-P && love....
So I've pushed those situations to the side && decided to posed...
Now I'm going to be posting at the end of every week to make it easier on myself...less i really have something to show yall. ;)

These are some photos of me && my new hair, my bestie [who now left me for Orlando, Florida; && The outfit I wore for senior picx...

&& this is just some random outfit me && her put on lol

Photos of me && my bestie Lala

Thankx muchii see u 2mrow,



  1. this is fab! can't wait to see ur senior pics! senior year is so hectic but enjoy it while it lasts because it passes by so quickly


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