Friday, June 25, 2010

I write you respond

 Here are 2 poems written by my love && me. The 1st one is mine && the 2nd is his response to mine. Mines was written July 2, 2008 from my blog on myspace && his was written on his myspace blog some where in early May of last year. So ya there's the links in purple so you can check out our peoms on there. Him && me both love && greatly enjoy writing && reading poetry I guess that's another reason why we love each other so much. ;)

Because of you

I'm crying because i don't know what's going on
I'm dieing because you keep me singing that same song
why do my heart keeps breaking
why do my mind keeps aching
its starting to confuse me all around
what is this sound crazy
That's coming from your mouth 
You said it was da same damn shit
that came out of my mouth
so what should i say
Its because of you that cry at i cry at night
Its because of you that i die of your sight
its because of you
its because of you that my world is ending
Is it my own fault that I'm so demanding
Its because of your that i dont love me anymore
Its because of you
i dont love me
i dont love u
i dont love me
because of  u
Look at me its because of u dat i cant luk into dat mirror
i cant believe dat i let u hurt me me so much that it lasted for more than a hour
Why is it so hard for me to let u go
Why is it so hard for me to let it go
because u decided to raise your hand at me
and to curse me for internity
So now u look at me
do u like wat u see
Because i don't
its all because of u
Y i dnt love me
 I dont love u
i dont love me
Because of u
 -fatima b. /mickeyi'm

                                    Rondell Response

Are you crying cause of what I done
Or was it because your love for me had just begun
The crazy sounds out my mouth
Were the sound of my heart beat going down south
You cry at the nite cause my feeling for u wasnt right
You die at the site of me cause we would always fight
Well if ur world is ending my world is crashing
Down into a hole of emptiness with a lack of passion
Its not because of me that you dont love you
Its because the emotional built up flowing inside you
You dont love you
You dont love me
But the fact of you not loving me
Just makes me feel free
Our Love will still last for an eternity
Even though we can not be
True love is what your suppose to let free
And if it comes back then we were meant to be....

-Rondell W.

Thankx muchii for reading our lovely poems 
I hoped ya'll understood them 
loved them like we do

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