Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ive been drawing before i was 1 
[ya i was that kid who drew on the wall when you wasn't supposed to] lol. These are just a few of my drawings that i've drew over the years. Lol if you look at them closely you can actually see how i've progress.
enjoy winking smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos

  1. Assignment [it took me 4eva to finish this]
  2. Madonna
  3. Jim Fiscus for ESPN The Magazine [it took 4eva to finish this too]
  4. Punkrose/ me
  5. Pin-up
  6. book
  7. mickeyi'm
  8. shh
  1. Twi
  2. bloody rose
  3. chowder
  4. Marylin Monroe
  5. Kidd Spliff
  6. Vin
  7. hamster love

  1. Viva Glam
  2. Anime Ge3k
  3. butterfly
  4. sweet cydeny
  5. Quest Fresh

Thankx muchii



  1. it's really cool to see how you progressed in your art and
    i like how it's different each year..good job!:)

  2. those are crazy! the jim portrait is seriousy insane, youve got a lot of talent girl!
    xx, zaia


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