Friday, June 25, 2010

Daddy's little girl

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0m3!!! I can't believe that my dad is going to meet for the first time "THE LOVE OF MY LIFE"[We've been dating for a year. i'll tell ya'll about him later] 2morrow. However; its not in person though its over the phone. They get to me in person when i graduate this year. Okay I know what your thinking, wow this is very big!! I know right {I'm so scared}. Even though my dad doesn't live with me he's still a big part of my life. Man its gonna be so weird && both of them are calm, collected, and understanding people, but i just really want them to get along. Because i love them both. 
The worse thing that can happen is that my dad would highly dislike him with a passion && never be with him. Then that's how i know that he's prolly the best man for me.

So my fingers are crossed && I hope ya'lls is too. 


Anywhooer, I can't wait to hear ya'll input 

thankx muchii 4 reading,



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