Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh Sweet anime

Hey everyone I hope you guys weekend was great ^^

I decided to draw a new anime drawing every Saturday; since I need so much practice in coloring with markers and outlining things in pen. My skills in those areas are not bad but I want them to be incredibly perfect. Mainly because I'm an perfectionist when it comes down to my work. With this girl that I drew I just kinda winged it because I didn't have all the colors that was in the photo so I just made some of it up. I was mad though because I messed up her eyes but she's still a little cutie and my boyfriend died when he saw her ^^.

If any of you guys are interested in seeing the sneak peeks of my work before it hits my blog then follow me on instagram @mickeyvin & stay tuned for some art videos on youtube ;3

-Kawaii #1

supplies- copic markers, white paint, pen 

Peace & Love,

-fatima b. 


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