Monday, August 12, 2013

New York vaction

Hey everyone!! This month has had a crazy start. It's been emotionally crazy, busy, and inspiring. I'm trying to make a lot of this happen for me this month and I really hope it goes as planned so wish me luck :3

Ok onto more super exciting news I finally went on a well deserved vacation to New York. Man I haven't had a vacation since I've been out of school and its been about 2 years. Plus I've been working my ass off and been stressed so I just needed to get away. How lucky was it that my sister had won a contest to go see Beyonce in NY ^^ We were there for 3 days and I had fun!!! I was so nervous going because it was last minute I didn't have any money and I never been on a plane before so I was really scared. But I got over my fear and it doesn't feel that bad to fly. So when we got there we basically did a lot of walking, eating and sleeping lol. When I was up there I never thought the walking would end my feet were crying. 
I'm mad I couldn't do any shopping other then spend the rest of my money that I did not have on food, but it was worth it. Speaking of the food if you ever go to NY please stuff your body with their amazing food. Every time I took a bite of something I almost died. 
The second day I was the there we went to the concert and it was AMAZING..... Beyonce killed it!!! I never thought I would have that much fun. I wish I would've taken a lot more pictures of the concert but my phone was dying be -___- 

So this was a quick summary of my first experience in new york with my sister by ourselves I hoped you guys liked. If any of you ever went to New York or have any questions or wanna tell me about your experience there just leave it a comment below or hit me up on tumblr ^^

Peace & Love,

-fatima b.


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