Monday, July 15, 2013

Overalls/ Dungarees

Overalls/ Dungarees have made a come back from the 90's. Our parents wore them and so has our ancestors, but I believe we make them look the best. You can wear them all season long and wear them with anything; heels, sweaters, sneakers, boots, and oversize t-shirts. 
Last week I finally ordered myself a pair of overalls. Ugh I've seriously been waiting impatiently, its taking forever to get here. I ordered mines from Sheinside their extra cute ^^ You should defiantly get some if you don't already. I'm actually planning on having at lease 4 or 5 pair i think lol.
So here's some random pictures on how to style them if you are one of those people like me who is thinking about getting a pair but not sure if you can pull it off ^^ Hopefully I will make a outfit post when I get them.... whenever I do. (sigh)

 * Here's a list of stores where you can find some overalls ^^.
Also check out some thrift stores around your area.

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