Thursday, October 4, 2012


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Ok!! You guys just don't know how much I fuckn love this girl photos. She goes in. I mean every time I go on her tumblr or blog and find out that she posted something new of her or something she brought; I'm instantly inspired and what to draw EVERYTHING. Her style has this type of edge that I can't explain. And you won't believe this she can draw too. Dude and her gifs are off the wall (best ones I've ever seen).
Sorry I'm like 4days late with this post I kept getting distracted and putting off finishing the drawing well the second one at lease. Mistress was finished during the summer (I could have been done, in late 2011; but I was afraid on how it was going to turn out). The hardest things to draw on Black Dream Catcher was the dream catcher, her sunnies, and that fuckn tattoo of a phoenix (that shit is amazing to look at but difficult to draw). More drawings of her is coming.....

Here's some of art:

Clicks these links to see more of her:

Side note: 
I hope you guys like the little changes I've made to my blog. I also changed my tumblr layout. I loved it so much but I just needed a change and plus I didn't like the way it didn't open another window when I needed to reblog something; and I know I hate when other peoples tumblrs don't do that. 
For this months Favorite Blogger I really don't know who I want it to be. So stuck. Well I hope you guys have a great weekend and Love the drawings like I do. See you soon. ^^

Peace & Drugs,

Mickey Vin


  1. if you want me to be the first french black girl who talking about art in the fashion world, so vote :

  2. this girl rocks. thanks for introducing me to her blog! it's very inspiring and so is yours. You are quite the talented artist.

  3. wow this is suck a creative blog <3 x

  4. I love your drawings they are very beautiful :)
    It's a small world but I actually know this girl. She's a fellow Sydney blogger and one hell of a cool star xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Hey, Mickey Vin. I love these picture. Not only do you choose a such a beautiful model, but you recreated her image perfectly in your portraits. I specifically love the way you shade her skin and create texture in her clothes and hair. I think that you have a lot of great ideas and creativity, so I wish you the best of luck with your future fashion illustration career.



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