Thursday, September 27, 2012

New work in progress

The second drawing is finally here. It should be done soon; and the Favorite Blogger post will be here. ^^ Check out the first sneak peak of this month here...
I love how it's turning out so far. Even my boyfriend (who's my biggest critic) gave me a high five lol and said that he love's it so far. By the way he choice the pic. I can't wait to see what it looks like at the end.
As you can see from all the pictures I got a little picture crazy. I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

 5.) acid wash shirt from Ross- also find herehere x here x here
6.) skull shirt from Ross- also find here x here x here
7.) copic markers Michaels- RV69 peony, BV02 prune, G12 sea green, RV25 dog rose flower
-erasers from Michaels- grey kneaded eraser, yellow gum eraser, regular white eraser

Here's some of the thing I brought today. 
I've been looking for the perfect acid washed shirt and the cheapest skull shirt. I love my acid washed shirt, it feels so good on. It's like a fake denim shirt. Every skull shirt that I came across either had a upside down cross or cost way too much. And I just got mines for $13.99. HAPPY!!!! And one thing I noticed about the shirt when I first saw it, was that it some what like the Cheap Monday's skull.
Thanks so much for all the great comments I've been getting they really put a smile on my face. :) Sooo I was thinking once I hit 100 followers I would have a giveaway. My first one ever!! You guys deserve it. So stay tuned for that. It would be something great. If you guys have any ideas of what you want me to giveaway let me know. I will take it into consideration ^^

Peace & Drugs,

Mickey Vin


Thanks for reading
-mickeyvin ◕‿◕


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