Thursday, August 16, 2012

Style2bones` Dominique Nghiem

I finally found time to finally make this long over due post.  

 Jellyfishes & Tea spoon

I dont have a scanner right now so when I get one hopefully next week I'm defiantly going to post them again.

Here's one of my favorite videos from her:

I've been following Dominique for a while now. She's soo extra adorable and inspiring. I believe that Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls grew up and married this Spiked out rock God and had a eclectic baby (meaning that she's a fun, giggly, smiley girl with Hell of a lot of edge to her). A long time ago I actually got the chance to talk to her on tumblr , and I enjoyed talking to her. One message I have from her says, "i dont know… like its just how i describe myself, like i dont think of myself as “fashion” therefore im not giving myself a description of “a style of fashion”. i just described my own style, inspired by fashion and fashion lovers, but not fashion itself. im just a eclectic (crazy, abnormal, out of the ordinary) person, dressing in an eclectic way. :) and its definitely how everyone should dress, to suit themselves not to some “fashion” world." 

So basically you guys should really check her out. ^^
Here's her links: Blog- style2bones
Youtube- StyleFilmer

Trust me there will be more drawings of her coming up. Everytime she post a look I want to draw it.

p.s. look out for an un-boxing video from me hopefully next week. In the mean time....

Peace & Drugs,

Mickey Vin


  1. So fucking presh! <3 You're super talented. <3 Let's be friends.

  2. I love the drawing whouaaa they are wonderful.
    I would be so happy if you could like my Facebook page.


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