Thursday, December 29, 2011

ROMWE new arrivals

Hey peoples I hope you guys Christmas was well and you got everything you wanted. Mines was great. Even though I barelly got anything and everything underneath the tree was my sisters, I was still happy because I got to spend time with the fam and the boyfriend. Yayyy I go back out with that same guy. lol he moved back, can u blame a sister.
Anywhooers, I would love to hear what you guys got for Christmas ^^ I'm going to post a video on the things I got when I get everything that I want. Which would prolly be sometime next month. On to 2days topic.....

One of my new favorite stores that I haven't brought anything from YET is Romwe. If you never heard of the site. It's a hot store with over prized clothes and accessories that makes you drool every time you open the site. Only thing that I can afford to by from there is the shoes and pants, and prolly some other things just depends on what it is. But at the end of the day they are so worth it. I love the fact that they have free shipping Yayy and that they always have sales. Their new arrivals took my breath away.

[let me know if you can't see the words, if so I'll change it. Because I like my font but I think its too small]

Peace & Love

-Mickey Vin


  1. Oh my god. I am obsessed with Romwe, too. The studded collar blouses and those boots are amazing! I need a job...

  2. I love Romwe! All their items are so cool. I actually bought an YSL arty inspired ring and tights from them recently, but only because they were on sale. Love the picture of those boots. I've been searching for a pair exactly like those!

  3. Love everything in the post! I love punky ankle booties and those are just perfect. The collars in the first two outfits are amazing too!

    Have a good new years, I love your blog and am following now :)

  4. New arrivals in the designer clothing enhance the looks with a number of designer colorful tunics, essential black trousers, plus shoes and accessories etc.A perfect wish to become cynosure of all eyes has to be in sync with the new -ins section of any fashion clothing website.


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