Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas List

I just got home from work, now I'm sitting here in my comfy bed looking at Pride and Prejudice with my dog London. I am so fuckn tired. Do not what so ever feel like taking off my make-up.
Anwhooers on to the Christmas list.
This Christmas I'm getting myself.....

-Camera stand.... I saw one today at work and it was only $9 so I was like I really have to get one. 

-Creepers.... I've been wanting a pair of these bad boys since they came out so I decided that Ima get me two pair. both is $79.
You can find them here:

-Black leather jacket..... I already have two but they're not me; never really was so when i get two new ones Ima give the other two away.
Photo found:

-Canvases... I'm trying to create new paintings so I need some art supplies.

-Converses..... I really really need me some new work shoes so, this is the perfect time for me to buy me some all black converses.
-Romwe Studded Shoes.....I love these edgy shoes. The ones from UNIF cast too damn much so ima just settle for the $85 ones ^^

Well that concludes my list. I might not even get half the stuff; I don't know I'm trying not to be a shopaholic lol. Ima end up getting half my stuff after christmas because I need to get presents for my family and friends first. So ya no presents underneath the tree for me this year prolly. I'll make a video of the things I did get when they all arrive in the mail. ^^

Well for now Peace & Love, Mickey Vin


  1. Everything is fantastic especially the studded shoes and creepers <3


Thanks for reading
-mickeyvin ◕‿◕


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