Friday, October 7, 2011

Ms. Virgin + M. Vin/ I CAN'T DRAW ANYMORE!!!

U wouldn't believe what I just found. Ms. Vintage Virgin and I took a picture kinda alike. That is so extra weird.

Guys!!! I'm kinda up set, because I can't draw like I used to. All last week I was trying to draw and all you saw all over my bed was eraser bits. I was so annoyed. So on saturday I guess I said I was going to give it another try I did. And this is what I came up with.....

I drew it without looking at anything and I erased only at the end just to clean it up. Which explains why one eye is bigger than the other lol. I really hope I get my talent back.

hope you have a great weekend.

Peace & Love, 

Mickey Vin


  1. Oh my gosh you are simply and totally amazing. I really admire you because of your drawing talent (I've visited your fashionlista, lookbook & tumblr). I've loved drawing since I was a child, but never had time to take classes, so I'm kinda bad... how do you do it to difuminate the different parts of the face and which pencils do you use?

    Please visit my blog and/or e-mail me at

    my blog is: (there are some of my drawings in it)

    such a big kiss!

  2. That drawing is amazing! I love the rings :)

  3. Omygaud, you are gorgeous.
    Also, I know I don't host sketches on my blog that often, but my drawing pads are full of them. And some days, weeks, months are just better than others. Besides. You are tres talented <3

    TE AMO,

  4. wow those pictures are really alike! i like the gaga pictures in the last post too!

  5. You are such an amazing artist!! I love it, great blog!


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