Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet London

I've been absent for a long time...I haven't really had the patience to blog. But while I've been gone I got me a dog for my birthday in October. I named her London.I love her so much and she is too funny. =)

I was trying to take a picture the leaf when she decided that she wanted to be in the pic too. She messed up my lighting and she took the leaf and started to play with it while me and my boyfriend was just laughing.
 She was looking at the window at my friends and I, because she wanted to go outside bad.

I love my little London. She is so bad and every time i have people over she always have to attack them in a friendly way and she won't go away. Than when we let her go outside she likes to run the whole neighborhood "without her leash....which she hates"

Well that's all for today..
The blog is still undercontrustion..
Thankx much,

-Mickey Vin


  1. Ahh she's so cute and I love the name you gave her.


Thanks for reading
-mickeyvin ◕‿◕


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