Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moi Chambre!!!

I love my room its "Very Vintage" && me. 
&& i wish when I move I can pack it all up && take it with me.

This lovely stuffed animal is my 
Mr. Monk Monk I had him since i was twelve && 
I'm very much attacked to him lol

In the 2nd photo there's my stuffed animals that was given to me when i was younger 
&& from my grandmother when she died. [tear} I really miss her.
3rd photo- my boom-box, vase of fake && died flowers, picture that i drew, && box full of junk.
4th photo: drawings from school && my vintage clock from Ross.

The first pic is well you know, where I take most of my "Legendary" photos lol.
These are some more of my drawings that i did at school. These photos took me a long time to finish. 
&& the photo of the girl is me lol. 

The first one is my "Jonas wall" I don't even know way I have them on there 
when I only like Kevin Jonas.
3rd: is a vintage mirror filled with necklaces && bracelets.
4th: vintage lap that i had got when I was a baby. && my vintage hummingbird clock. But sadly the humming bird broke off when i was moving.

You can Never have enough side bags

These pictures is filled with photos of me && my fam. Also dozen of sticky notes filled with ideas
plastered all along the mirror.

This is my wall of IDOLS.
Over ten pictures of Tyra Banks, Toni Braxton, Corrinne Bailey Rae, Rihanna, && Madonna.
The picture next to winnie a poo is my mom && me wen i was first born.

&& that's my room!!!!

Thankx muchii



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