Friday, July 16, 2010

Make it short

HEY-YA!! I know I haven't posted in a minute 
had a crazy week...
tell you about that in my next post ^-^
But anywhooers, I'm gonna show ya'll that I wore 2day.
2day is gonna be a short post...

I wore:
  • Light blue skinnies
  • mickey mouse watch
  • multiple bracelets
  • silver chains 
  • gold necklace 
  • black hat
  • slick shirt
  • white converse

  • my room
To finish this off...
I would like to thank all my followers && everyone who commented my post



  1. i love your style, its so quirky, the glasses in the header pic r brilliant x


Thanks for reading
-mickeyvin ◕‿◕


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