Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catch Up!!

Hey-ya yall I'm so sorry about missing manys days of post,
but I've been busy && supa stressed. So i owe yall. 
Anywhooers, all this week i have been busy && basically bac to school shopping && testing&& sewing, chillin wit my friend && blah, blah, blah. So I could show yall everything that i had got but that would just be ruining everything for wen i go back to school. Ima just show ya'll what i wanted, && i few pieces of what i got.

At my mom store "Ross" they had 40% off. Yayy!!!
&& I got so many tops && i didn't get any shoes :c nor accessories. I tired some on but she wouldn't let me get them, cux she say that i would never ear them. Err moms..
But this is what i wanted...

 I really love the first photo of Marylin :)

I really wanted the last 2 photos

&& this is what i go:

photo: Audrey Hepburn
Marylin Monroe

Audrey won!!!
It only cost me $20

this one is my fav
These photo are based off of "Paris!!!"
&& they are going into my bathroom.
Can you believe that they only cast $13.

[I love Ross]❤

 When we left there we walked over to SHOE LAND

&& that's when me && my mom started arguing..ugh she's always trying to start with me. 

So these are the shoes that i desperately wanted:

There so cute!!! But i couldn't get them b/c my mom said there not for school

&& i won't wear them. && idk what made her say that b/c she don't know what I would wear my style is always changing.

 && this is what i got:

even though I didn't get what I wanted I'm still 

After we left Shoe Land we walked over to Rainbow && got:

  • lace tights
  • sliver, white, red, && gold bracelets
  • black sunnies
  • silver earings
O && while we was in there my mom && me got into it again. Ugh!!!

The last place we hit up was the mall. My mom stayed in the car && my sister went to some store && of course i went to Forever 21.
I love the necklaces the most there so cute && me!!

&& i almost 4 got i finally went to H&M in ATLANTA,
dude that store && city is were i belong
I almost died there.

Well that's all for 2day
&& i will chat with yall 2morw

Thankx muchii,



  1. i love those rings! & the little asian girl necklace I almost got it myself haha forever21 has the cutest/cheapest accessories.
    & never again comment about Travie on my blog ;p
    o yeah where is the H&M in Atlanta?? i cant wait to move there!


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