Wednesday, June 2, 2010


2ne1 is a all girl group from South Korean created by YG Entertainment. 2nel members: Minzy, CL, Dara, and Bom are all taking over the world with their original style && hard hitting songs. And I couldn't believe when i was looking them up they are all different ages. They look so young && that's a good thing.
Minzy the one with the short hair is the baby of the group she's 16.
CL [my favorite] is 18
Dara is the oldest she's 29 [i kno rite she don't even look like it. I knew she had to be older b/c when she sings she's more seductive with her's.]
Bom who can sing her butt off is 26

2007 they released their first single


"Follow Me"

"I Don't Care"

"Pretty Boy" [this is my favorite song from them]

Hope you enjoyed


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  1. I didn't listen to the song, but looking at their pics they're styled really well. I like it.

  2. They seem like a phenomena in the making! The age diff is amazing, they certainly don't look it!


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