Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm wearing:

  • 5-79 doll shirt {this is like one of my favorite shirts to wear}
  • gray cardigan
  • brown side bag
  • beige hat
  • DIY ripped tights
  • DIY shorts
  • My first pear of Steve Madden Oxfords

I've been searching high && low for these "Steven Madden Oxfords" && I finally found them....I still wish I could've found the brown ones; I want them real bad. I found them at my mom's store "Ross". We was standing in line when she told me to go get some shoes. So I ran to the shoe area && was looking for some flats when my gorgeous dark brown eyes ponder upon these gorgeous black oxfords.... I swore that i saw the heaves light shine down on them lol. Come to find out some person had returned the shoes && really didn't like them cux they called them ugly...[&& i don't see y cux their so beautiful]

As for the DIY shorts && tights, I did the shorts a long time ago && the tights i did them the night b4 i wore the outfit. I say they turned out pretty good.




  1. Love what you did with the leggings. My friend wanted leggings like that and I think you should do a video tutorial on it!

  2. Hey, my hair is naturally like that, all I ever do is straighten my bangs, so I'm not sure how to get curls like mine. Sorry! I should ask a hairstylist how people could get curls like mine because I have no clue! I just wake up with them...

  3. I love the song you have on your blog. and great outfit

  4. Heey really cool out! Like it a lot

  5. hey :) thanks so much for the comment and the fllow.. i LOVE your blog. youve got a great eye for photography. these pics are sick. cute outfit too <3

  6. i like this outfit and I have those steve madden shoes!!! great taste

  7. hi!
    can i just say that i love your room! it's so pretty and decorated

  8. thanks for the comment sweetie (:
    you've got a nice room!


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