Monday, July 21, 2014

Orange Beat

Sliders: addias  - Overalls: ross - Crop top: kandees

Hey everyone!! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I've been busy being busy lately with creating new artwork for my online store opening {more details about it will be coming soon i promise}. So in the mist of all of that plus being very emotional about everything I manged to take some pictures. I trying to put more pictures of myself on here so you guys can see me and how my style has grown.

Anyways, I finally got me a pair of overalls/dungarees. I love hate them because they have buttons on the front and that's like one of my biggest pet P when it comes down to clothes. But besides that there great. Oh and they can be a little bite tighter around the waist, but for $18 I can't really complain. Don't worry I'm going to make a post on how I style these. The shirt that I'm wearing with it I got like in high school. I won a contest from my favorite artist KanDee I think it was back in 2010, I'm not for sure. I just thought it would go perfectly with these overalls and my addias sliders. What do you think??

Peace & Love,

-fatima b.


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