Sunday, February 9, 2014

NYFW-14 Tibi

This one of my top favorite collections from nyfw 14. Man I wish I was there and was able to afford all of these clothes. Tibi's collection this year just speaks to me. From the colors to the individual pieces I can see myself going on different sites and in stores to get some pieces like the ones above. I have to have clothes like this in my closet. Ugh, he killed me with the jumpsuits, the coats (OH MY GOODNESS), and those hats. I'm about to die :3
My favorite looks are... the one with the grey sweater and black leather midi skirt
and the one with the grey coat, grey sweater, blue jeans, and that badass black hat.

Peace & love, -.^

Fatima b.


  1. So many cool jackets and swesters!

  2. uuug so perfect! my favorite has to be the 4th look. love all the oversized jackets.

  3. Actually they are all so nice. x


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