Monday, June 3, 2013

Baggy Bottoms Indie ☮

Hey-ya ^^ I know its been a minute. Well I'm back now and feeling really inspired (prolly inspired enough to start making videos again,who knows)

For some reason now I've decided to let out my inner hippie and embrace it. I don't know is it because my boyfriend is always calling me a dark hippie, or is it that I have my middle part hairstyle back and every time I go out or to work my friends are like "Ook look at Fatima, she got that hippie vibe going on" ugh I don't know. So now I guess I'm a dark hippie meaning- I wear all black and have spiritual ways of a hippie. My boyfriend says that I was born in the wrong decade. lol I don't believe him.
And just because I'm a dark hippie it doesn't mean that I'm going to like tie-dye clothes ;p

Anywhooers, on to the actual reason behind the post. Forever 21, Free People, One-teaspoon, ect. has been killing me with these harem and wide leg pj inspired pants. I wanna buy some and make some. So here's some random pictures of them........

Check out these stores: Mango, Free People, Forever 21, SheinsideUrban Outfitters,

Peace & Drugs,

Mickey Vin


  1. great post, so many inspirational photos. love a lot of the printed pants above.



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