Monday, January 21, 2013

Top shoes on my wish list

Here's the shoes I've been obsessing over for a while. I have no idea when I'm going to get them; money isn't right. But its nice to have a list so your mind can be on the prize. Lol and funny thing is I didn't realize how much black shoes I wanted. I guess cus black goes with everything. If you have a favorite on here feel free to let me know or if you just want to tell me whats one of your favorite shoes that you don't have in your closet yet. ^^

1. spiked ankle boots
2. JC Roscoe
3.Patent Leather Pointed Toecap Leather Boot
4. Cut-out boots
5. JC cuffed cut-out platform
6. Ankle cut-out boots
7. Angled Concave Shape Flat 
8. D'Orasy pointed flats
9./10. Maxstar platform converse black & white
11./12. platform oxford creepers green & blue
13. Metal Chain Punk Boots
14.Retro Neutral Leather Notched Heel Pointed 
15./16.Hacienda creepers

Mickey Vin


Thanks for reading
-mickeyvin ◕‿◕


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