Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nadia Sarwar + Froufrouu

-graphic x pen

I'm soo happy that I finally got a change to draw Nadia Sarwar. I really wished that I could have drawn two like I usually do, but time hasn't been on my side. So since October and November is the main fall seasons I decided to make Nadia last month in this month favorite blogger. Nadia is the epitome of fall. If you ever need to know how to layer please check her out. Her main style is men's wear with a feminine and vintage hipster type of twist to it. She is one amazing woman. I love everything about her; her hair, clothes, and hats. I want all of them. Ok i sound a little creepy right now lol. But anywhooers, besides be the fall queen, she also takes amazing photos and makes gifs that she post on her blog. 

Please her out here:
Twitter: @froufrouu
Instagram: @froufrouu

Have a bless weekend and see later this week. 
p.s. to see more photos and work of progress of this drawing and many other ones follow me on instagram and tumblr. ^^

Peace & Drugs,

Mickey Vin


  1. O my gosh, so happy you did a feature on Nadia! her style is truly amazing, not to mention AWESOME her hat collection, hahah! I just love HER**now I sound like a creeper too**
    Great drawings as usual and lovely post! :)

  2. Genial post and blog!!!
    I like so much
    I'm following you now

  3. What an awesome college of images, and how talented are you?! Fantastic drawing. I really like her minimalist meets 90's grunge chic approach to fashion. She's definitely awesome!



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