Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shredding Shit

Russian model Ranya Mordanova. I love her.

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One thing that I have been wanting to do in a while is shred a sweater and back of a shirt. Right now since its fall I'm really into oversize sweaters and shirts. So whenever I can buy a sweater I'll do; or I might just take one of my mom's cus she has a lot of fuckin clothes everywhere around the house [im surprised its none in the kitchen] and she don't even wear half of them. But I guess for right now I'll have to stick with the shirt. One of my favorite bloggers Vintage Virgin really got me interested in doing it. If you guys decide to do one, send me pics of it. maybe ill post it on here. 

Peace & Love,

Mickey Vin 


  1. Really like your blog, I follow you!

  2. awesome post!!

  3. Vintage virgin is the BEST and she's from Texas!!

  4. I love this! Such a cool, boho style. Definitely share if you decide to DIY! Love your blog.

  5. Now this is some good ish!
    And btw loving your header...I'm already in love with your style!

  6. I recently went through this whole ripped/holey clothing phase!
    some of the DIYs of ripping t-shirts look so pro :O i wonder what techniques they use


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