Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cross the Line

blouse: mom's closet
rings: forever 21 & a little boutique 
hat: k-mart
cross necklace: Regal Rose
earring: long cross, feather earrings; DIY

How are you guys today??!! :) I don't I ask enough of that. I haven't been doing all that well lately. Recently getting over a break up and my dog being sick. So ya life will go on. Anywhooers, I kinda like the outfit for today. I dont know im still trying to find my style..... 
The necklace I won it from Regal Rose. The owners Rebecca & her sister Louisa Warwick had a contest and Lua from one of my favorite blogs Le Happy hosted it. I really like this piece. I will be going back to their site soon to buy more jewelry. 

Peace & Love,

Mickey Vin


  1. I love this outfit and that necklace from Regal Rose, yuuum.

    And you are absolutely right, doll, life goes on and will bring you some exciting adventures & lovely people to meet :)
    Btw, we share something in common : we are both Le-Happy giveaway winner, I won a white roses headband a while ago, so congrats, dear !

    looking forward for the next post,


  2. i just love your shirt and cross, your blog is soo lovely that i will be visiting it again very soon :)

  3. I love your gold jewels a wholeeeee lot. xo

  4. I really like your hat and the blouse!


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