Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hey you guys, Night/Day/Afternoon/Evening I just feel like posting, just something random as hell because I'm bored but I have things to do; lol weird.
I'm listening to music.... Current song playing "You Found me" - The Fray. You know when one of those songs some on and you don't really feel like listening to it, but u also too lazy to turn the damn song. Yeaaa that's me right now. I have 3 tabs open. One for blogger, youtube, and tumblr. I'm a tumblr and blogger addict. I need help. 
O no I know what I want to pose. Ima talk about my picture addiction. [YES I'M TYPING WHAT I'M THINKING :D]

If you was at my place and you went on my part of the computer you could see that I have too many pictures that it doesn't make any since. So Im going to show you guys one photo from each file. So get ready lol. 

  well this is the picture folder on my pc. 
[I have way too many folders] If I keep crossing down all you would see is a forever list of anime pics.]

this is one of my favorite anime pics.

this from my phone folder and its a drawing of my boyfriend and I.

This is one of my favorite music artist Santogold I love her music. Photo located in some random folder.
And we all know who that is and if you don't you need to get right with your life and check her out here.
Folder called Iphone.

Photo of me. Folder name: Iphone 2 

Drawing by Kan Dee check out here. My #1 favorite artist. folder: art inspo

 Japanese art. folder: brushes

I love these photo. Folder: Dolls and Kiddz inspo

 Sexy ass Wiz Khalifa. folder: Celebz

I want the spike bracelet. Folder: fashion inspo

Niece & Nephew. Foslder: Family 
Robert Patterson. Folder: hairstyles 

Sketch I did a long time ago. Folder: I draw

In one point of my life I want to live in a loft.
Folder: Lofts

My dog London when she was 3 months. 
Folder: London

Photo of me that I took. Folder: Me

Selena Gomez Folder: Lookbook

 My boyfriend, London, and me. 
Folder: Ron and me

Folder: Vogue

Well that was rather long and random. Hope you yes liked and there will be a post tomorrow or later today on a sneak peak of my new drawing. Have I lovely day.

Mickey Vin


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