Sunday, July 3, 2011

Knit Shorts

Hey :)

This will be a quick post. I haven't been able to make videos lately because my hair is a mess. So  in the mean time I'm going to be posting random pictures. 

The one of many things that I really want right now for summer and fall; I can wear again during spring, is........ 

I've been wanting me a pair for a while now. They go with almost anything, bum flattering, and comfortable. If I can't find none for a good "CHEAP" price then I'm most likely is going to make them. When I make it I'll make sure that I post pics of how i did it or make a video when I make a second pair. 

Ancho Poncho go check out her blog. She's extremely talented and creative. 

p.s: As you can probably see that I have changed my url name or whatever you call that thing; my link name right. I guess lol 

Mickey Vin


  1. haha this made me laugh! nice gif and lovely post :)
    you should post more of your AWESOME drawings!

  2. I have a short like this, I love it, but I never wore, this need to change =)


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