Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bite me #19

Reoal Rose Review & blog update from Mickey Vin on Vimeo.
I'm so sorry the name of the store is http://www.regalrose.co.uk/

Omygosh I can't believe they did that to me. The shot for the video is horrible, and I sound like I have a fuckn cold. Ugh. I don't i want to make anymore videos. 
I'll post pics of the necklace tomorrow I guess. Depressed now......

Artwork name: Bite me
Used: 9B, 6B pencils; pen; black prismacolor maker

Back with another drawing. Right now I feel like shit. Not really loving life right now. But ya hoped u like the new drawing there's more to come. Here's some photos that inspired it.
I was so inspired by her hair that I had to incorporate it in my drawing.
check out her blog here:  http://fashionsolace.blogspot.com/

These photo right here are from One Love 
Check out her blog!!

 source: Tumblr, Blogspot
And new video post later today or tomorrow. Hopefully.

Peace & Love

Mickey Vin


  1. Cool illustration! Loving that jewellery too :D

  2. OMG <3 all this ringsssss!
    Nice post and pictures

  3. Oh Lord you did do this drawing! You are TOO talented! I love it =].



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