Friday, April 1, 2011

Update On my favorite Artist

Over the past two years I found many artist that has inspired me so much.

Brett Manning = Brett is a girl
   Her work is so different and it opens your eyes to her imagination.

    Kan Dee =
          This Lady right here..... Man I'm like in love with her work. Her work reminds me about the things I love to draw. When she messaged me back on here I almost fell out of my chair. Man I love her and her work.

      Danny once again has me on the edge of my seat. Every time he picks up his paint he amaze me.

   Linda Sundell =
        Her realistic work inspires me so much =) 

  Her work is so adorable and edgy at the same time. 

All the links for their sites are next to their name. 

Love you, && Stay Inspired 

Mickey Vin


  1. Such great work! Love it all!

  2. these are ALL SOOOO beautiful!



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