Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chinese food

I guess today was mother daughter day, because me and my mother went out together to get some things done. While we was driving we got hungry, like always, so we went to dix new Chinese restaurant. 
Dude their food was so AWESOME!!!! When you take one bite your taste buds start going crazy. My mom told me I could get watever I wanted I didn't know what to get lol. 
Well this is what my mom & me got.......

 this what my mom got. 
- braidy chicken 
- stake
- shrimp fried rice

& I got
- Chicken fried rice
- sweat chicken
-secami chicken
{who says skinny girls can't eat lol}

If u haven't had it before...... I really recommend you get it. 

Much Love,
Mickey Vin


  1. yeah, of course I can,(or at least try) What is your e-mail address so I then can send it to you? :D

  2. i love chinese too!

    great artwork btw. do you do like commisions?


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