Friday, March 11, 2011


In my AP Art class I'm working on 24 pictures that is due May 1..... There's 3 different categories:
Quality: 5 original pieces, has to be my best work.
Breathe: 12 pictures from my high school career and they have to be best quality
Concentration: 12 pictures has to have a theme any media......

This is the one from the concentration area...

My first charcoal drawing...
  • charcoal pencils= 2B, 4B, 6B
  • oil paint mixed with acrylic [note: when painting you can't put acrylic over oil paints, but you can put oils over acrylic]
When I mixed the oil and acrylic paint it smelled like tea lol.

Thankx muchii,
Mickey Vin


  1. I use transparent paper for transfering a speciefic part of a photo to my drawing. Or to test things.. it is very difficult to describe.. But sometimes i want to do drawings with for example, a text. But i dont know where i should place the text.. so the transparent paper help me to see where the text fits the best. Do you understand? Haha i suck in explaining things in english..

    BTW, i love your drawings and this one is my fav! Its amazing!!!

  2. the throat is a bit too thick, you could over-draw-it with the hair ;)


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