Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti-Vday no more

  • Clothes:
  • shirt: H&M
  • blazer: H&M
  • pants: Rue 21
  • gun ring: Charollete Ruse
  • hat: K-mart
  • shoes: converse
  • necklace: Rue 21
Every time the love day/ WE day/ Valentines day comes around I'm anti. Which means I really don't care for it at all that's way I didn't post yesterday. I hate it only because when ever that time comes around I see majority of my friends and sister getting V-day gifts and I'm left with none =(.
But now since I have a "Boyfriend/Bestie ever" I'm lonely no more. lol..... sad isn't it.....
I thought that I was gonna be lonely yesterday but he surprised me by coming over. Buuuuuuttt.....before he came over I walked to the store with my friend because my mother took my car to work tear. . . . and I dont have my license -^^- Anywhooers I had brought his some Swiss Rolls is favorite sweet ever next to me and a blank CD so I could make him a Dru Hill CD, but sadly it didn't burn.
But ya this story is getting to long lol Ima make the rest short....
We basically had fun and I gave him the best v-day gift ever and he gave me the best v-day ever..

>I just realized that I've been saying "BUT" a lot lol
P.S. I got my camera working a little bit, "but" I still need a new one....


  1. you are adorable! I love that gun rings :)


  2. You have wonderful legs and I like your drawing!


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