Sunday, June 13, 2010

Intro my Daughta

This 16yr old girl is Kristen babyee doll Phillips; or you can say "my daughta". I call ha that b/c watever she goes threw I'm always there, we both understand each other, && she's the light skin version of me lol. 
 Little miss wants to be a model when she gets older. So ya here's some pics that i personally took of her. [yes im a photographer 2 lol]

Stylist: me
Photographer: me
Model: Kristen P.


This is when i had breaded her head && she couldn't take the pain so she went to sleep lol [on the floor]

SO ya this was just 1 of many random posts that Ima post 
So ya, hoped you enjoyed looking at my gorgeous daughta.

I'm 0utie!!!




  1. she is adorable.. you should have her take full body shots and besuty shots.. and have her start her portfolio now. shes very good

  2. love your blog girl. i will follow you. please return the favor and by the way she is great model.she just might make it big one day.

    peace and puns
    the radio maniac is hours of fun
    for the family!

  3. you do nice braiding! and she is very pretty!


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