Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colour me whoot

The last day of school for me was May 28. && in some of my class i had fun [esp in my art class]
When i wasn't talking or play fighting with my friends, i got a chance to take a few pics of them. My friends in the pics are Shirel [green shirt], Tiph, me, && Dillion.

Since i have a skin condition i had a bad flare up on that day so it was to late to change what i was wearing && i wear this outfit!!! I wore it!! However, i had to wear it with tights. Also since my moms store ran out of tights && i couldn't go to the store 2 get some i had to wear my purple ones "ugh". 

items in the outfit:
  • owl shirt
  • diy tie die shorts
  • black Steve Madden oxfords
  • D&G charm chain
  • colorful scarf
  • vintage sunnies
  • vintage watch
Thankx muchii for reading




  1. cool outfit. have a nice rest of the summer.!
    hit me up and follow if you haven't!

  2. Aah I love the last 2 pictures! So beautiful :-)


Thanks for reading
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