Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rockin a messed up nose

May 4, 2010

This what happens to your face when your dealing with "thick, heavy, glass bowls.

  • I was on the kitchen floor looking for a bowl for my mom b/c she was bbqin &&
  • So when i found it i had put it on the counter, but little did my smart self know that i didn't put it all the way down there..
  • So it fell on my nose
  • && all i could fell was pain && i was like "0mge" "hahaha haha ha" "Ouch!!!!"
  • So i told my mom she thought i was lying just cux i was laughing
Then she told me that it was bleeding, i laughed harder

[This is how i stopped it from bleeding]

{I don't care what nobody say, I still look good}

  • && to basically sum the whole story up I went to school the next day && everyone either asked me did i get into a fight, was i having ruff sex lol, && what did i do to myself now lol

"thanks muchii for reading"



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