Saturday, May 15, 2010


My favorite pic is the first one. It look so "vintage chic", && i love how i took it. The lighting was great && everything was on point esp. if you zoom in on my face...i was modeling from head to toe ;) lol.
Anywhooers!! I was wearing:
  • rue-21 blazer
  • rue-21 graphic shirt
  • DIY Baby Phat shorts
  • simple black hat with plaid rap
  • beige bracelet
  • D&G gold chain
This is really one of my favorite outfits that I've worn yet

This is a poem that i had wrote sometime last year...


Head held high
No i dare not to be shy
One foot in front of the other
Never should I stumble because I have
nothing to cover
(I laugh at you) never

The point of this poem if you didn't understand it; always keep your head up && dare not to let anyone or anything knock you down off the course to being what you want to be.
That's what i always tell myself && that's what im telling you.

I'm mad that in this pic i still look sick so lame lol




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