Saturday, May 29, 2010

Forebidden Love

Eyes gaze across the room.
The same thought runs through our mines
I Want U.
To hug only to release as soon as its in process.
Knowing that if we hold on tighter,
the ones we hold near won't be impress.

But can i just slightly press my lips against yours so i can get it out of the way,
Or can i please feel your gentle touch that makes me so gay.
Yet i can't,
you can't
and we can't
not just yet.

Peers see how you look at me
They see how we flirt freely
but do they believe that its harmless
That the chance of you having me
me having you is less?
Do I?
Do you?
SO that's why I highly pry
while a piece of you die.

I have to choose my needs over my wants.
But do your wants take over your needs?

-mickeyi'm, fatima b.


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